Hospital: “Nothing But Love”

By: Sydney Cooper
April 28, 2018

Our favorite Russian indie rockers are back at it again! Stream their latest below, Gas Maskers.

This is not the first time we have reviewed Russian four piece Hospital; in fact, if you haven’t heard their last single listen to it now! To get you up to speed, this group is no stranger to the music scene. Their vibrant music has granted them opportunities to perform with huge artists like Lana Del Ray & The Kooks. β€œNothing But Love” is their newest single featured on an album set to drop later this year. This disco pop track glistens with viral guitar riffs, major key synths and 80’s influence. Supported by a charming, effective vocal quality, the members of Hospital ask to feel love within the story of this track, and we are sure that they are gonna find it, feel it, and never let it go! Check this one out on our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist this week!

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