Hazlett: “Easy Now Tiger”

By: Princess Carroll
March 23, 2020

Easy now, tiger—Hazlett just released his new track by the same name and we’re in love! The artist’s smooth, sexy voice is matched by the romantic beat and is perfect for special moments with your lover or just relaxing on a rainy day. 

“Easy Now Tiger” feels like a slow jam, but its lyrics speak volumes. Mixed with straight-forward and figurative imagery, they paint a picture of a man discovering his lover. The verses “chase down your company” and “you need two fighters to keep a burning fire” are perhaps the loudest parts of the track. Both emphasize the battle we face to maintain relationships, but can easily be applied to anything worth fighting for. As a follow up to his previous release, Monsters, this track feels calming in a COVID-19 world. Check out Easy Now Tiger below!

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