Hatty Keane: “Sing It!”

By: Eric Reyes
April 15, 2021

Hatty Keane, baby girl, get it! UGH! I’m in love.

Trendsetter, normbreaker, Hatty Keane kicked in the door to my heart with her latest, powerful single, β€˜Sing It!’

Opening with an inescapable assault of her unique, Retro Soul sound, Hatty Keane knows damn well what she’s about. There’s an effortless style and funk to her vocal stylings that just hooked me instantly.

Retro Soul marries its roots in the venerable genres of Funk and Soul (Duh) to build and strut where it needs to and spread out to assert itself everywhere else. Heavy on style AND substance, this is a genre that is near and dear to my heart.

The vocal performance really stuns, flexing Hatty Keane’s stylistic leanings and influences while showing her full ability and range without any of the clumsiness or showiness that a less experienced, and self-assured, act might fall into.

A song about self confidence and self affirmation without any of the huggy-wuggy Kumbaya acoustics we all attribute to self-help rhetoric.

Be loud, be brassy, be sassy.

Be you, and β€˜Sing it!’

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