Hatty Keane: “Club 69”

By: Eric Reyes
May 14, 2021

This track is absolutely dripping with funkadellic, soulful energy. It’s oozing from the pores. Hatty Keane has perfectly captured a sound that many borrow from and imitate, but few manage to be.

With all the flair and funk of a trans-genre hit from the late 70’s, β€˜Club 69’ doesn’t so much as stop for a breath as it lays down heavy, funkadellic beats. The song is just so alive, every part of it irreplaceable. It is a song that so perfectly sticks the landing it dispels any thoughts of parody. What would seem corny in the hands of a less talented, less skilled artist, Hatty Keane has crafted a solid track that performs on its own merits.

The mix is perfect, ripped straight out of time and planted here for our listening pleasure. The production is a solid student of music genres and eras, as it is deeply engrained in this track. It isn’t a facsimile, it isn’t a fake, it isn’t a gimmick; it is what it is, baby.

The vocals here are so impassioned, so in tune with the vibe, the heart, of the track. Stressing the upper and lower bounds of her vocal range, Hatty Keane delivers a fiery and impressive performance. Unafraid to really stretch her legs and see how far she can go, she struts her stuff all over this track.

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