Hatty Keane: “Club 69”

July 16, 2021 | Writer: Fay Rose

“Club 69” is a groovy psychedelic throwback to the 70’s. Upon first note, your mind immediately gets filled with imagery of disco balls, flashing neon lights, bell bottoms and go-go boots. The song wastes no time in transporting you to another place in time.

This is pure disco-dance-funk-soul fun. Yes, a few music genres are perfectly crossed here, adding to the entertainment. English singer-songwriter Hatty Keane must have been transported from another era because she delivers it too well. Her fierce vocals add an extra amount of lively zest to an already vibrant arrangement.

Combining all the above elements together, the end result is nothing short of dance magic. There is no sitting on the sidelines when “Club 69” starts to play. This is a get-up off your butt and let loose on the dance floor kind of song. The unrelenting beat from start to finish belongs on loop in every dance club across the globe.