Harry Mold: “Python”

By: Honey Mills
November 06, 2019

Harry Mold has got a new track that really bites in the best ways. Check out what we thought of “Python” below, Gas Maskers!

Harry Mold’s sophomore single “Python” is the indie track you’ve been dreaming of! A little bit of American country, a savory taste of rock, and a whole lot of blues are the flavors in Mold’s tune and We. Want. More! The best way that we can describe “Python” is to say that it is authentic. (Which is ironic, considering it is about the ‘snakes’ who are all around us—attempting to poison our shine.) It has a raw grit that you can’t help but love and a rich, full sound that leaves you feeling both hungry and inspired. Keep in mind that this is only Mold’s second studio release, and if he’s THIS good now, he’s only going to keep dominating the music scene. 

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