Harrison Storm: “Falling Down”

By: Jared Free
September 23, 2019

Falling in your feelings? Check out “Falling Down” by Harrison Storm below, Gas Maskers!

Harrison Storm’s vocals on “Falling Down” are slurred with pain, laid simply on top of catchy, light guitar picking. These two elements lay a gorgeous base to the sound and emotions of the song, which is only strengthened by the great triplet hook that comes around in the chorus. As the lyrics get more intense, the instrumentation adds elements, creating a quietly overwhelming sense that things won’t work out. Storm makes each chorus a little different to give the song a sense of verve. The second chorus is cathartic, while the final one peels back the elements, so we’re left with Storm’s voice and a sense of loss. We can’t wait to catch him out on tour. Check out the lead single from Harrison Storm’s latest EP, “Falling Down” below!

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