Gas Mask Magazine

Hamster (feat. Lee): “City Limits”

By: Asher Garcia
October 18, 2017

The fast lane is wide open. We take the ride.

City Limits” by Hamster (feat. Lee) is an EDM treat your ears will adore. This track is the fuel required to reach our dreams. 

This cinematic song captures us in the midst of a heavy night, reinvigorating the juices of our gasoline pulse. The production value is intricately pieced together to create a fascinating composition. The drops in the chorus wake the sleepiest bears immersed in hibernation. It’s a blast. Fire it up and jump back into prime life form.  Also, be sure to check out the music video in the link below. Here, we observe the hamster head in top notch prestige, as he rocks around the streets, the city limits, and the freedom of a smashing song. Well done, Hamster. Well done.