HAEVN: “The Sea”

By: Travis Ram
June 5, 2018

HAEVN’s highly anticipated music has been well worth the wait! Read below to see what we thought about “The Sea”.

European duo HAEVN have earned the attention of the world in the last three years. HAEVN has already collaborated with heavy hitting producers, top notch musicians, had music featured in many forms of media, and blazed a successful tour. And now, they’re hitting the airwaves hard with their latest release, “The Sea” which has already racked millions of streams on Spotify since its 18, May release.

It’s clear to see the appeal of this track. “The Sear” instrumentally moves very much like our own. The underlying pulse pulls the strings of the tune, just as the moon pulls our own tides. This track drips cosmic, dreamy vibes and tones so cerebral that they will blow your mind. While “The Sea” is very cinematic in composition, it is very radio friendly in vocal quality. The rich, deep vocals on this track are sure to linger on your mind. This blend of contrasting, masterful composition creates a vast track with a luscious soundscape. We’re adding “The Sea” to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist week, and we’re sure you’ll be doing the same!

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