Guillotine Sunbeam: “Drowning In Dust”

By: Blaire Cache
February 7, 2019

Intrigued by Guillotine Sunbeam? So are we. Check out what we thought of “Drowning In Dust” below!

You may be familiar with Yoni Collier, a European electronic producer who was previously associated with Deuce & Charger. Collier is back with a new project, Guillotine Sunbeam; a big shift from his previous works. “Drowning In Dust” is a cinematic, alternative downtempo track that paints a musical portrait of moody headspaces. Collier takes you to an elevated consciousness with chant-like sounds and meditative melodies as you take the smooth ride through four minutes and five seconds of pure bliss. We absolutely are all in on this track and look forward to new music from Guillotine Sunbeam in 2019!

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