GT OFICE x LINNEY: “Tastes Like Summer”

May 23, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

I thought I was inputting a computer virus when typing out the track title and artist. Instead of nuking my PC, I was treated to a track fit for any summer escapade. GT_OFICE plies his trade effectively in this bright and sunny EDM/Pop track, buoyed by the pleasant vocal performance of artist LINNEY.

The vocals are light and bubbly, bouncing along and hitting every beat perfectly, never amped above the chilled but brisk pace. There’s a feeling of anticipation in LINNEY’s voice, in the vivid imagery conjured by the lyrics, of this idyllic summer experience, this flavor of the season. A summer perpetually at the break of dawn or a hazy, simmering dusk, filled with neon lights, cars with the top down, oversized sunglasses, bonfires at a cabin near Joshua Tree. The lyrics will find a place in the heart of many people escaping the city and trying to forget the seemingly perpetual winter of quarantine as we’re putting it all behind us. Trading in language that flits between sweet and simple and poetically expressive, it seeks to capture the commercial, accessible, desirable aspect of summer.

The mix is vibrant and full, the prime motivator of the vocal performance and matching the lyrics in its jubilant spirit. Bombastic where it needs to be, utilizing a wide range of electronic sampling and sleek production to create a fleshed out and well-designed audio landscape that works accompanied by the vocals and on their own.