Greg Holden: “On The Run”

By: Sydney Cooper
June 5, 2018

Greg Holden ain’t running anymore, but his single is sprinting to the top.

Greg Holden has returned to the airwaves loud and proud after a three year hiatus. His new single, β€œOn The Run” is apologetic in subject matter, but unapologetically catchy and bright. Holden’s heartfelt vocals breathe life into his emotionally charged lyrics, creating an authentic piece. This song features true star quality between its bright instrumentation, hazy synths and anthem like drive. Blushing with personality, β€œOn The Run” will surely be a staple to your summer jams list, and we’re following suit by putting it on our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist! this week. Holden may not be on the run anymore, but this track is sprinting right to the top!

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