Greg Holden:Β  “Humans”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 28, 2022

Greg Holden searches for simplicity in his new single “Humans.” 

The thought-provoking track questions “what the world would look like without humans.”  The mellow piano music and the quiet but clear vocals allow the listener to focus on the lyrics.  Holden’s connection to the words is heard in his haunting vocals.  A little more than halfway through the song, there’s a church-like chorus, echoing the sentiments of the lyrics.  The end of the song brings to life what Holden’s been singing about through attention-grabbing sound effects.  The song concludes with sounds of chaos followed by the peaceful sounds of nature. 

Holden explained the inspiration for the song in an Instagram post saying, “I wrote β€œHumans” this time last year, with the pandemic in full force & human beings seemingly at their worst. Not only that but I was clinically depressed & feeling far from optimistic about the future of our society.”  He added, “Just so you don’t think I’m a total nihilist I want to say that I know there are incredible humans in this world, full of love, kindness & brilliance & I celebrate those people.”

The Scottish born artist is not only a singer but also a respected songwriter.  He co-wrote Phillip Phillips’ “Home” which earned him an ASCAP award.  Before penning “Human,” Holden hadn’t written a song for himself in over three years. 

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