Granny Smith: “Everybody Home” (Remix by Nada Funk)

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 15, 2020

If you’ve been a little stir crazy as of late, we totally feel you. But French electro-pop duo Granny Smith’s latest track “Everybody Home” remixed by the producer Nada Funk will show you that being home all day isn’t all that bad. That is, when you’ve got the right music.

This musical couple met when they were singing in a pop group together. In 2017, the two of them decided to strike out on their own and form a pop group. Sarah and William’s palpable chemistry radiates off of every note in “Everybody Home.” 

Sarah’s smoky vocals perfectly compliment William’s silkier voice on this playful bop. Nada Funk adds his signature exhilarating electronic production style to what was originally a laidback acoustic track. Funk’s suave synths and bouncy drumbeats up the ante on this track without outshining Granny Smith’s stellar harmonies. We are big fans of this collaboration and we’re even bigger fans of the song’s message which is to keep on shaking and grooving from the comfort of your own home!

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