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Grace Otto: “You’re the Worst”

By: Fay Rose
July 30, 2021

“You’re the Worst” is the latest post-breakup anthem to hit your streaming devices. This is the debut pop single from up-and-coming singer-songwriter Grace Otto.

If Pink, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne got to together to collaborate on a tune, “You’re the Worst” would definitely be it, as different elements of the song resonate with each of those artists. As for vocals, Grace Otto has a unique voice that’s all her own. She sings every angst-filled lyric with an abundance of honest verve and emotion, making you feel the fury right along with her. It undoubtedly adds to the authenticity of the performance considering that this song was written by Grace right after a bad breakup.

The pounding background beat is equally robust in representing a rebellious, revenge tone. Screaming to “You’re the Worst” at high volume is an excellent remedy to let go of frustration and help ease a broken heart.

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