Grace Davies: “Addicted To Blue”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Dancing, Crying, Smiling. This paradoxical sentence is how we’d try to describe the feeling found in English singer/songwriter Grace Davies newest single, “Addicted To Blue.”

Her vocals alternate between a soft, thoughtful confession and an energetic, wall-shaking declaration. Complimented by an electronic sound that can best be described as falling slow-motion through a tunnel of pulsing light and heavy bass tones, this song is endlessly playable. Emotionally-rich lyrics, raw and striking in their honesty, demand your attention, pulling you into this harmonically rich track for an intimate and satisfying dance. The ‘Visualizer’ video made by and starring Grace Davies herself is a moody callback to the saturated interlaced video aesthetic of the 90’s. She sits in a dark, blue and soft-pink room, the video reel loose and tracking poorly, her glittery tears sparkling in the flickering light. When not looking down or away, she locks eyes with us, the viewer, and we can feel the longing and bittersweet joy in every word. 

We couldn’t stop listening to this track, in the dark, waving our phone’s flashlight around like a strobe, ugly-crying and laughing as we danced. We hope you treat yourself to this experience as well and listen to Grace Davies’ “Control”, and keep an eye out for more from this up-and-comer.

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