GRAACE: “21st Century Love”

By: Jared Free
September 19, 2019

Love is different now, and no one knows that better than Graace. Check out her newest single, “21st Century Love” right here, Gas Maskers!

With the rise of dating apps and social media, love has become more complicated than ever. It seems like everyone’s playing games on games, trying to pretend that they’re not interested. Graace tackles these trials and tribulations of millennial love in “21st Century Love.” Her throaty, emotive vocals communicate the desperation of being way too into someone. But when it comes time to sing the simple but effective hook, “you-oo-oo,” she switches it up, coming through clear as a bell. The instrumentation doesn’t let up either, starting out sparse before introducing a snappy beat and some truly transcendent synths for the closing. Lucky for you, we’ve already added this one to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist on Spotify for your listening pleasure! Stream below or hear it there!

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