Gavin Sultan: “False Narratives”

By: Jared Free
September 24, 2019

Do you ever get stuck in your head? Check out “False Narratives” from Gavin Sultan here, Gas Maskers.

Gavin Sultan’s new single, “False Narratives” plays with the strange stories we tell ourselves. By using an elliptical structure and tongue in cheek voice, the song takes on a psychedelic tilt. Isolated guitar opens the song before the percussion comes in, which eventually gives the song some alternative rock footing. The croony vocals from Sultan feel like a 70s rocker, which when combined with the truly sick album cover places him in our highest estimation. “False Narratives” is made up of fairly simple elements that come together to make a cohesive whole, which makes the song’s elliptical structure feel trippy. The lyrics explore how easy it is to become trapped in your own head, which is fitting for a song that begs to be played over and over. 

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