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GATTÜSO x Damon Sharpe: “When In Rome”

By: Jared Free
September 04, 2019

Visuals and beats abound in this tropical flavored single from GATTÜSO & Damon Sharpe. Check out our take on “When In Rome” below!

A lot of summer songs go for maximalism, so it’s even more ear catching when someone goes for the opposite effect. “When In Rome” manages to be a jam that keeps it relatively low key. Damon Sharpe sings above a beat that’s as danceable as the best of them, thanks to a gorgeous guitar sample and a lovely whistle refrain in the post chorus. The video is beautiful, featuring two girls that have an instant connection. We’re always here for the sapphic vibes, and the fact that this video focuses on the two main characters having a great time with each other makes it even better. What’s your go to low key summer anthem? Hit us up on Instagram and twitter @gasmaskmagazine!

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