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GATTÜSO: “Walk On Water”

By: Meech Justice
March 27, 2020

If you believed you could fly in the past, then you’ll definitely be able to “Walk On Water” after hearing GATTÜSO’s newest single. The Kat Nestel assisted single is a dance floor hit waiting to be dropped by your favorite DJ.

Since we’re on lockdown and all of our favorite festivals seem to be cancelled or postponed, GATTÜSO latest release helps get us bring the festivals mood to our living room dance floors. EDM hasn’t felt this good, like EVER! This song reminds of when girls kissed girls and they liked it. Kat’s vocal range is demonstrated beautifully on the heart throbbing produced tune. Whether your pumping your fist or stomping on the ground “Walk On Water” enables you feel like there’s nothing beneath you. “I feel myself on higher ground” is the fast tempo elevating lyrics before the beat drops and the floor disappears. The tangible is no longer available because of the feelings developed over time. “Walk On Water” is a classic dance anthem for the nation but an ever better love story. Take a listen below! Be sure to tell us your thoughts about it here: @gasmaskmagazine.

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