Gaspar Sanz: “Cheryl”

By: Princess Carroll
April 15, 2020

Tiger King isn’t the only one obsessed with cats! Cheryl from Gaspar Sanz is the anthem for all feline lovers.

The new single from the Australian band starts off with a meow from a real cat- Cheryl, who lived with two of the band members. But don’t let this track fool you- it’s more than the cat’s meow. With a catchy, high energy sound this song is fun for everyone. After Cheryl’s meow, the drums grab our attention and lead singer Jimmy’s vocal style is enthralling. We have no doubt that you’ll want to sing-along with this tune.

While this may seem like more cat-themed entertainment, the intention behind the track goes deeper. In an interview with Gaspar Sanz’s record label, Helium Records, the band explains, “Cats are extremely complicated and difficult. Loving anyone, in any capacity, is never unconditional or uncomplicated, it requires constant attention and comprise, much like a relationship with a feline.” Well said! Whether you a feline fan or simply looking for new music, Cheryl is certainly worth a listen. Check it out below! Be sure to tell us what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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