Gas Mask Magazine: Be Who You Are.

By: James Brookes
March 17, 2016

With a new era of social entertainment comes the need for promotion, digital reviews, and the latest news in pop-culture phenomenon. Gas Mask Magazine is your source for all of that while providing fun and interesting lifestyle products.

Owner/artist of Gas Mask, J.W. CUDD, states, β€œThis is an exciting time for me and my team at 107. For the last five years, we’ve strived to create riveting content and campaigns for TV, film, art, and music. Gas Mask is our new addition, as a sister company, to help feature the wide variety of talent we see on a daily basis.” The 107 owner has been responsible for working with brands like American Horror Story, the American Heart Association, Gold’s Gym, Costco, and more after being founded in 2011 by CUDD. 

CUDD notes, β€œThe great thing about Gas Mask: it’s fueled by those listening and creating music. It’s not a bunch of old guys trying to make trends that don’t work.” Gas Mask offers something that other magazines don’t: a response. Most press sites, whether they be print or digital, receive hundreds of thousands of submissions every week. However, in most cases, unless you’re a major label artist, the majority of these press sites won’t respond back. CUDD states, β€œBeing an artist myself, I know the struggle. It’s hard to get the press to listen to your music, much less read an artist’s email. Because of that, we’re offering a service with Gas Mask to listen to music submissions, and then tell the artist if we are featuring it, and if not, why.” 

In a sense, Gas Mask is putting the power back into the artist’s hand. If interested in being featured, you can learn more about the service here. As the site takes holds, we hope to expand our selected genres to incorporate more sounds. Currently we accept: pop, country, r&b, dance, and electro submissions.

When asked what kind of content we can expect in the future for 107, the Texas Native replied, β€œWe’ve strived to create one-of-a-kind creative content for our clients, and while we will keep doing this, 107 will soon be opening its doors to long and short form production. This was always the goal, and we’re very close to achieving it. In the mean time, our focus is to ensure Gas Mask takes flight in the music world, being discovered by indie and major artists worldwide.” 

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