Garzi ft. Travis Barker: “Sick of Me”

By: Meech Justice
May 02, 2020

Pop/punk artist Garzi just dropped a heavy drum hit for our rock and roll fans called “Sick of Me.” The track is assisted by none other than @travisbarker himself! Shall we say more? Check it out below.

Two Words : Travis Barker ! I literally turned my speakers all the way up to feel the percussion of Garzi’s newest single “Sick of Me.” Garzi sings about how sick he is of himself on the rock inspired number. There’s such a unique balance of pop and rock infusion, “Sick of Me” is the song you could play at home, in the car or even the club. Garzi might have released this song just in time because all of our Gas Maskers are probably feeling the same way right about now, especially in this quarantine. Find out if “Sick of Me” is the soundtrack you’ve been waiting for below! Tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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