Garrett Neiles:  “Stumblin’ Home”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 19, 2021

Garrett Neiles is taking accountability with his new single “Stumblin’ Home.”  The guitar-driven pop track is an admission song about taking advantage of someone that is always there, sticking by through thick and thin.  Neiles co-wrote track with Lindsay Johnston.  He explained the meaning behind the song in an Instagram post saying:

“Stumblin’ Home” is a reflection on accountability in relationships. I had been painting love in nuanced, carnal tones for a long time, and this song was basically a journal entry to wake the hell up. @linds.e.johnst graced the lyrics with her imagery and I am very proud of the story that will now be told.

The track’s honest lyrics are complemented by Neiles’ charismatic vocals.  From the carefree whistling at the beginning to the infectious beat and catchy hook, this song will pick up any mood. 

“Stumblin’ Home” is Neiles’ debut single.  The Winnipeg, Manitoba singer is planning to release five more tracks by June.  Afterwards, he will hit the road for a Canadian tour in support of his new music. 

Check out the video for “Stumblin’ Home

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