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Garrett Neiles:Β  “No Sleep Mania”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 25, 2022

Garrett Neiles’ new single makes a lack of sleep sound fun.  “No Sleep Mania” is a feel-good song about an eventful night that may have even turned into a wild couple of days. 

The catchy pop tune makes the listener want to hear more from the very start.  The intrigue begins when the music and vocals first hit and Neiles says, “No sleep, Lying tangled in your bedsheets.”  From there, the story unfolds through the enticing, descriptive lyrics.  The words are enhanced by the Canadian singer’s clear and charismatic vocals.  The music and energy pick up as the song heads into a chorus that’s primed for a singalong. 

Neiles described the song in an Instagram post saying it’s “a genre bender that was inspired by the narrative of a new relationship that started during the lockdown.”  He added, “It plays on both the euphoria of being with that person and also the hysteria of having to confine that shared emotion to a small living space during the lockdown.”

“No Sleep Mania” was co-written by Neiles and James Roth.  The track was produced by Tyler Del Pino. 

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