Gabi DeMartino:  “Immaculate”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 5, 2021

Gabi DeMartino is struggling with the idea of trying to be “Immaculate” in her new single. 

The song addresses the stresses of trying to live up to others’ expectations.  It brings attention to the hypocrisy out in the world where people expect others to be perfect, when they, themselves aren’t.  The truthful lyrics play out as an upbeat, pop / dance track. 

DeMartino has a connection to the lyrics and it can be heard in the vocals.  She is a YouTuber / social media influencer who, along with her twin sister Niki, have millions of subscribers to their YouTube channel.  With that popularity, she has also had to deal with backlash from the public.  DeMartino describes “Immaculate” as a “cancel culture anthem.”  She wrote about the song on Instagram saying, “the most beautiful thing about you is that you’re human. and ITS OKAY to not be immaculate because nobody is. not even the person giving you a hard time.

Hopefully this song gives you a ginormous hug & helps you stay fearless. your life is important and you are not ending because of your humanity.” 

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