FVLCRVM: “Bad Blood”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 07, 2020

Electro-pop artist FVLCRM offers us a dazzling and distorted vision of the future on his latest release, “Bad Blood.”

No, you don’t need to adjust your speaker. The intro to this track is meant to make you think twice. The Eastern European DJ and producer turned singer-songwriter creates the kind of music that leaves your ears prickling and your heart beating a little faster. His EDM-indie pop hybrid beats are layered with quick cuts and robotic looped synths that always seem to catch you off guard. FVLCRM’s music is dotted with short flecks of synths, but a solid rhythm flows in the underbelly of the track. 

In “Bad Blood,” FVLCRM slowly adds layer upon layer of sound as the song progresses. We can’t help imagining a flash mob break out in an underground club set to this song. It’s got the perfect beat for an AI rave and FVLCRM’s clipped vocals definitely sound a bit like a malfunctioning robot. Even though the idea of a dark dystopia is slightly frightening, we have to admit that tracks like these make the possibility of this alternative future seem a little less gloomy.

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