Fredrik Ferrier: “You”

By: Eric Reyes
May 14, 2021

Fredrik Ferrier has lived much of his adult life in the spotlight.

Surrounded by the latest trends among movers and shakers of various industries, be it through acting, modeling, or his burgeoning singing career, he’s never been too far from the eyes and ears of the world. This is evident in his latest release, β€˜You’, a slick, quick, chic track that finds the balance between style and substance.

The versatility of his voice is a core draw, for me.  From a deep, smoky, orally nimble intonation, all the way up to a bright, bounding character that dances with abandon among the mix without losing itself. Often there is the specter of the production side of music production when discussing a particularly polished vocal talent. Here, while I’ve no doubt we’re enjoying a clean, trimmed and pruned display, the clear natural ability is unmistakable. It has a sureness, especially during the more lyrically challenging verses, that is the result of practice and confidence.

The mix is like sipping a mojito under a white canopy besides a sparkling salt-water pool in Palm Springs. There’s the catchiness of Dance, with the heart-racing builds and cascades of EDM. A steady beat throughout, to keep things lively, but also plenty of flow, carrying along the piece wherever it needs to go. Crafted to give the vocals ample platform from which to express themselves, it takes a back seat where it needs to, and comes out front and center, hand in hand, all the rest. Towards the end I was worried the climax would drown out Fredrik Ferrier’s voice, but I found my fears to be unfounded. They matched one another, not competitors so much as partners.

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