Franki: “Redo”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Franki has found the right vibe and sound with his latest release, β€˜Redo.’

This was a song I had to listen to several times to really get a grip on. The sound is just so entrancing, you easily get lost in it. The vocals are full of breathless passion, but the husky, dusky passion of a whisper in your ear somewhere dark and private. The well textured mix has a character all its own and matches the vocal performance in scale and intensity. The layering really creates this mesmerizing feeling. I wasn’t joking when I said I got lost in it. The length of the track also has a hand in that, but not in a negative way. At just a hair over four minutes, the track ha splenty of room to breathe, and really puts that time to good effect.

Something you can put on and smoke to, sleep to, chill to, drive to. I had to constantly recollect my thoughts as I listened to it. The track indulges in its more poetic tendencies but doesn’t beat you over the head with metaphor. It takes its time to say what it wants to say, and it has your undivided attention.