Fitz Brothers: “Hollywood”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 28, 2021

The Fitz Brothers are aiming to get their name in lights with their new release, “Hollywood.” 

The dance song is about doing what you want because you’re confident that fame is on its way.  The track begins with the vocals and then the club beat drops.  It’s an upbeat, enjoyable track that you’ll end up singing along to. 

Listening to the song, you can imagine someone having the time of their life without a care in the world.  It’s the type of song to celebrate your achievements to while spraying champagne bottles everywhere. 

As they mention on their site, the Fitz Brothers have a deep connection to their music.   They use it as a way to express their emotions.  Felix Fitz co-produced the track with Vlado Dzihan. He also co-wrote the song with his brother Florian Sebastian Fitz as well as Ben Zalud and Markus Perner.  You can listen to “Hollywood” on a variety of streaming services.

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