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Fior: “YOYO”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 27, 2022

Fior’s new single will have you bouncing like a “YOYO.”  The upbeat track is a follow-up to her debut single “Let Me Go.” 

As Fior explained to, “This song is that realization of ‘I don’t need to be sad anymore, get on with your life, go have fun!’ It’s a big flip of the script.”  “YOYO” (or “yo on yo own”) is the good feeling a person gets after moving forward from a breakup.  Fior’s smooth vocals mix well with the track’s relaxed and danceable beat.  The sound creates a fun vibe that goes hand and hand with the start of summer.

The Miami based artist co-wrote “YOYO” with Ken Jones.  The song was produced by hit maker Scott Storch.  It will be one of the tracks on her upcoming EP due out later this year.

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