Fifth Harmony (Remix by Karim Naas): “Work From Home”

By: Princess Carroll
February 02, 2021

Karim Naas gives us a personal take on a pop hit with β€œWork From Home”!

The track is a remix of the popular single from Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign. The world-renowned producer managed to turn a soulful, sultry single into an upbeat dance track that’s unique unto itself. While we hear familiar verses, the single’s distinct sound gets us moving to the point where we actually forget it’s a remix. Not every producer can do this, but Karim Naas shows off his superior skills with each selection. From the beat to the vocals, this remix is perfect! 

Karim Naas is a Paris-based music producer and DJ. He broke into the international music scene with tracks such as β€˜Threw A Party’ and β€˜Steel’. β€œWork From Home” is one of many remixes he’s released, which includes Sean Paul, Tove Lo, and the Black Eyed Peas. In 2020, Karim racked up more than 5 million streams and we’re sure this is just the beginning!

Check out β€œWork From Home” here! You can connect with our reviewer, Princess (@PrincessCTV) on all socials.

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