Ferraro: “Fool’s Paradise”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 16, 2020

Toronto-based rock trio Ferraro just gave us a one-way ticket to our next dream getaway with their new track “Fool’s Paradise.”

This group of rockers is actually comprised of three brothers who each bring their musical and vocal talents to the table. This family shares an affinity for alt-rock and indie sounds inspired by groups like The Kooks and Foster the People. Bringing together guitar, bass, drums, and each of their voices, Ferraro create the catchiest happy-go-lucky melodies. 

“Fool’s Paradise” has just the right mix of bright rhythms and free-spirited lyrics. We could imagine ourselves jamming out to this track at a backyard summer pool party or blaring through the radio while riding up the coastline. Bottom line, this song is the escapist summer anthem we could all use about now. “I need to getaway/Get lost in the fool’s paradise,” the band’s catchy hook couldn’t have said it better. With the world under lockdown, a vacation sounds like the ultimate dream. In the meantime, we’ll just look up pictures of Hawaiian beaches and let “Fool’s Paradise” whisk us away.  

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