Femke: “Stranger”

By: Blaire Cache
March 14, 2019

We are no stranger to Femke, and you shouldn’t be either! Check out what we thought of her latest single below!

You’ve most likely heard of Femke; a Grammy winning all star producer & songwriter who has worked with everyone who’s anyone in the music industry. This Netherlands native, Nashville based artist has released countless hits over the years, but we are in love with her latest track, “Stranger”. “Stranger” is a dreamy acoustic ballad composed with haunting guitars and a chillingly beautiful vocal quality. We’re feeling lots of Stevie Nicks and Violet Archers vibes with this track, and find ourselves completely lost in this beautiful piece. Whether it be for a rainy day or with your morning coffee, “Stranger” is sure to stir up all of your feels in the best way possible.

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