Felix Cartal x Fjord: “The Life”

By: Fay Rose
July 16, 2021

At first “The Life” comes across as an easy-breezy feel-good tune, but you soon realize there are actually some deep thoughts going on here.

I really enjoyed listening to the journey “The Life” took me on. The lyrics are a great depiction of how we begin life in our youth with not a care in the world and then with experience comes the pain and glory, the highs and the lows. It’s when you learn to embrace your entire life story that you really feel alive. I love how “The Life” hangs onto an optimistic, feel-good vibe throughout the song, all while managing to keep it real.

Canadian DJ and dance music producer Felix Cartal did an excellent job of crafting a dance track with heart. Fjord provides the vocal soul.

“The Life” is the last single off Felix Cartal’s new album, Expensive Sounds For Nice People.