Gas Mask Magazine

Felix Cartal ft. Veronica: “Over It”

By: Honey Mills
September 24, 2019

How do you feel when you’re over it? Felix Cartal definitely feels a certain type of way about it. Keep reading to see what we thought of his latest EDM banger.

It is impossible to count the ways in which bad experiences, both universal and specific, have created amazing art. Such is the case with Felix Cartal’s newest track “Over It,” an EDM track that is more that crazy cool synths and a seductive drop. “Over It” has a lot of heart, and so many, ear worms that it is impossible to appreciate them all in just one listen of it. Between the smooth waves and the tasty accents, you will get all of the feels in this track. Trust us, you won’t be over it any time soon. Stream it below, Gas Maskers!

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