Felicia Lu: “Anxiety”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 29, 2021

Felicia Lu shares her “Anxiety” in her new track. 

Just like the feeling, the song takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, both through the music and the lyrics.  The track starts out calm and slow and then picks up to an upbeat, fast paced chorus.  The back and forth movement continues throughout the single.  The lyrics talk about all of the different voices in her head that she hears and can’t seem to overlook. 

Lu’s vocals play into the internal struggle that the lyrics are expressing, from a soothing tone to almost manic.  Her vocal range enhances the honesty behind the words.  With “Anxiety,” the German pop singer brings to light the mental health issues that many are experiencing. 

“Anxiety” is just a taste of the new music that Felicia Lu debuted this year.  Her six-track EP, Revelations, was released last month.

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