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Fanfickk: “Standing Still”

By: Sydney Cooper
May 17, 2018

What do you get when two musical cultures collide? Keep reading to find out!

Asian Pop (KPOP, JPOP, etc) is a cultural phenomenon around the world with a growing fan base by the masses each day. This year, New Zealand Indie Artist FANFICKK sought to show her appreciation for the genre by covering one of her personal KPOP favorites. Originally performed by South Korean boy band U-KISS, “Standing Still” is a high energy track containing hooky melodies for listeners. FANFICKK has maintained the same high energy and preserved the fun elements while adding her own signature twist. Her EDM layers add a fresh texture to this already fire track. Her vocal quality is so perfect for the track that it almost seems as if U-KISS made this track just so she would cover it one day! We love covers over here in the office, and are obsessing over this one right now.

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