Fake Shark: “Bad Chemistry”

By: Eric Reyes
March 21, 2020

In the age of cookie-cutter pop bands and charts crowded with auto-tune pseudo-dance white noise, originality is a valuable commodity. If you turn your ear to the North, you’ll find a diverse, thrilling goldmine in the music of Vancouver’s own Fake Shark. 

From the Dance/Art punk and IDM chaos of their first album Zebra! Zebra! to the FreakPop/Electric Funk of Walking Through a Fantasy, their sound is constantly pushing boundaries. Their new single “Bad Chemistry” is no exception. With a pulsating bassline with runway attitude and eerie, theremin and echo-backed vocals, this song builds into an aggressive crash of sound. Every listen leads to a new discovery, a new musical element emerging from the seedy audio carnival that is Fake Shark’s trademark. The band’s notorious punk attitude is found throughout, with lyrics that shout and scream out at you to join in the madness.  

While Canada’s borders may be closed, the airwaves aren’t, be sure to go and listen to this unmissable act today!

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