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Ezra Jordan: “Bitter”

By: Fay Rose
August 21, 2021

Sometimes you just have one of those days where you don’t want to be happy. You’re just not feeling positive like everyone says you should. Or maybe it’s one of those years (I’m talking to you 2020) where you are just feeling like the title of Ezra Jordan’s new song, “Bitter.” And like the song confirms, it just may be ok.

Yes, sugar is overrated in this easy-listening R&B song with pop influence. It’s a very relatable tune that deals with honest feelings and features some memorable lyrics. Here’s a great verse from the chorus, “So tell me why can’t I be bitter, like coffee and liquor. All day.” The song is not just about embracing a bitter disposition. It acknowledges that life is a blend of both good and bad moments that need to be processed in ways that feel right for the individual.

Canadian singer-songwriter Ezra Jordan’s smooth, melodic voice draws you in, while the jazzy piano backdrop sets a comfortable mood. An exciting guitar solo breaks out right in the middle of the track to create such an enjoyable flow of melody to accompany the soulful vocals. By the time the song is done, you’re actually feeling pretty relaxed, and the bitterness just melts away.

“Bitter” is the second single from Ezra Jordan’s upcoming EP, so stay turned for that. In the meantime, listen to “Bitter” and see if it sweetens your day.

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