Estella Dawn: “Orange”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 27, 2022

Estella Dawn is adding some color to her music with her new single, “Orange.” 

The feel-good track shares the story of a Tinder date that turns into a budding romance.  The descriptive lyrics paint a picture of what it was like at that first meeting, both physically and emotionally.   The scene is set with the opening lines of “We met down at a bar on 16th, a little shorter than I thought you would be.”  As the song continues, more of the emotions are articulated.  The attraction builds to an undeniable desire as expressed in the lines, “I’ve never, never, never wanted someone so bad like I want you right now.”   Dawn’s clear and passionate vocals advance the story and bring the lyrics to life. 

In addition to her impressive vocals, Dawn also writes, plays the piano and co-produces her music.  “Orange” is the fourth single the New Zealand native released this year.  She plans on releasing an album later in the year.

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