Eric Lee: “Same Dirt Road”

By: Yasmine Sahid
November 6, 2020

This song will bring you back to your days of childhood for anyone who was raised in that small town country life. And even if you weren’t you will still be able to relate to Eric Lee’s “Same Dirt Road” as the message of hometown goodness resonates for many people.

I want to start off on applauding Lee’s ability to make this Pop Country song so likeable. Country can be seen as a specific genre that certain people can truly enjoy but I feel with this song he will be able to garner the attention of a wider audience. The song’s pop influence makes it palatable for non- country lovers and Lee combination voice of country and pop adds a special magic. We also hear a light hip hop beat that comes in towards the middle which switches things up and keeps listeners interested. The song’s message about unity and love in your old small town gives it the country quirk that many will find endearing and also perhaps relatable.

“Same Dirt Road” has the qualities of a great country song on top of a pop beat that takes it further into the music genre. Eric Lee has created something that I’m sure many will enjoy whether country lovers or not. I’m hoping to hear more of Eric Lee soon as he has an immense musical talent that all of America needs to know. Listen to the track below, and tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine. 

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