Emrah Karaduman: “Back To You”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
March 06, 2021

Are you searching for a vibe? Emrah Karaduman is here to provide one.

With his recently released single “Back to you”, it shows his ability to create sonic vibrations for any moment. His production is fluid, transparent, and abundant in getting your body moving especially with this track.

The mix itself holds a great high vibration for working out or enjoying a walk! Emrah’s ability to compliment vocals is outstanding and shows in this release. The topic of the song will have you dancing and crying all at the same time. “Feels right when it’s wrong” the opening lyrics of this song have a world of duality. Like caffeine once you’ve heard and or been introduced to such a vibration, you’ll never go back!

Emrah had to work hard, enduring trials and ribulations to achieve success in creating music. His hard work should not go unnoticed, you can hear his skills and mileage in this production. This was only Emrah’s second drop of the year, he has fans waiting for more. He’s from Turkey and has worked with many artists, just now stepping into the world of english we are here and waiting for more! 

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