EMPRESS: “Lovely I Am”

By: Honey Mills
September 24, 2019

EMPRESS is the artist you need to know. Right now. Listen to her new single, “Lovely I Am” below!

This review is actually difficult to write because we were so moved by the track (and the gorgeous video) that it is hard to articulate our feelings let alone a critique into words. Perhaps its best to start by telling you a little but about the beautiful artist that is EMPRESS. A long time lady of the stage, EMPRESS has recently ventured into music, and boy does she belong in the world of song. “Lovely I Am” is an electro pop tune that lyrically is about loving to dance, but also inspires you to reflect and learn to love yourself. EMPRESS is an accomplished ballerina herself and you can hear the emotion and depth that went into the crafting of this track. The beat inspires movement and emotion from your ears all the way down to your toes. And while the beat is the flesh of the track, the lyrics are the blood and heart of it all. EMPRESS’ beautiful words truly capture the struggle of fighting what you love against yourself, and we truly think it is a remarkable achievement for this new artist.

Check out EMPRESS’ “Lovely I Am” right here, and be sure to stay tuned for more of the best music out there, right here on Gas Mask! Tell us your favorite part of the song on social media today! @gasmaskmagazine.