Emmit Fenn: “Edge of the Dark”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Dostoevsky once said that β€˜Beauty will save the world.’ He was speaking beyond terms of simple aesthetics. Beauty is whatever drives our more noble instincts. This came to mind as I watched the music video for Emmit Fenn’s stunning new release, β€˜Edge of the Dark.’

Opening with a grippingly human monologue from the video’s subject, model and performance artist Brooks Ginnan, the video is beautiful, as is the song itself. Beyond simple aesthetics, the song engages something primal in you, something naked and vulnerable. It’s that moment of humanity we all have after just escaping with your life from some great danger; after making love; after pushing your body to absolute exhaustion and collapsing in a pile on the floor; after crying your heart out alone in a room for someone you lost; someone who broke your heart; someone who found that one word that utterly destroyed you. Your gasping, shuddering, rattling breaths, the absolute void of sound beyond this, and the rising buzz in your ears as blood rushes to your head. This song is that moment given form.

The vocals are subdued, mournful, on the edge of weeping, in that private, wounded manner we have all wept. The mix never upstages, restraining itself to allow, in the case of the audio, the vocals all the room they need to fully express themselves. In the case of the video, the mix rises to the occasion and uplifts the climax of the track, building up in us this resolute, hopeful feeling. Tomorrow. Just beyond the horizon, just at the β€˜Edge of the Dark.’

I’m honestly a little teary-eyed writing this, it’s just so affecting. Please, do yourself a favor and experience this today.