Emmi: “DRUM”

May 08, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

I’m sold, I’m in love, I’m entranced. Emmi is one of those artists that makes an impression the minute you hit play. The Australian artist’s latest release, β€˜DRUM’ has a witchy, dreamy energy that chills and thrills, and doesn’t let up.

While the track opens on a down tempo, it quickly lights up with Emmi’s nimble wordplay. And then, the chorus. Oh, the chorus. Her vocals soar and spill over with this beautiful energy that bolts out through the airwaves and grips your heart. I was getting chills up my spine as she sang. One minute like whisps of smoke climbing along the ground, the next sparks catching everything they touch alight, and then bright, brilliant bolts of lightning arcing across an overcast sky.

Ecstasy, pure ecstasy, in her singing and in my enjoyment of the track. Bringing it back to the witchy, dreamy energy I mentioned earlier, the Music Video, which I highly recommend you watch or else, I mean, why even bother, is full of it. Like an urban fantasy trailer, it’s black and white lace, subway cars, blood-red lights and eyeliner.

Beyond the aesthetics, the song stands all on its own merits. Powerful, operatic, theatric and full of drama, and mesmerizing. I’m an instant fan, and you will be too.