Emma Kade: “Run Away”

By: Tiare Pito
October 19, 2021

Singer-songwriter Emma Kade has just released a new single- β€˜Run Away’- and we absolutely love it! With its soft instrumentals and airy, heartfelt vocals, you’ll easily be entranced by this new release!

Approaching an emotional topic with delicacy, Kade addresses insecurity within a relationship. The prevalent fear that your partner does not truly care about you. Not in the same way that you care about them. As the song progresses, we see the questions and doubts for her partner continue to build, as she repeatedly asks, β€œDo you really love me, do you wanna run away?”

The dreamy tone in which the song is played further enhances its appeal. Skillfully executed, it fills one with a sense of longing and yearning. Because of this, whether you relate to the situation at hand or not, you will still connect emotionally to β€˜Run Away’.

With such a moving, emotive song, there is little doubt that it will touch all of its listeners. We cannot wait to see what Kade has in store next!

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