EMM: “Strangers”

By: Eric Reyes
June 15, 2021

β€˜Strangers’ by EMM  is an incredibly slow burn.

Clocking in at just under five minutes, the song makes ample use of its runtime to draw you into its warm, understated embrace. A lot of the effort rests on the effective marriage between EMM’s dreamy, almost fragile vocals, and the soft, careful piano and ambient tone cradling the piece.

EMM delivers a vocal performance that builds from a whisper that feels like it could shatter at any moment, at the edge of cracking, into a wonderfully bright, choral cry, before folding inwards again, like a rare flower that blooms but once in a lifetime.

Bringing it back to the mix, the production paid close attention to the vocal performance it was supporting as well as the underlying emotional current that was prevalent throughout. In the opening, the track is slow, like embers in the pit of an old log, radiating an energy that seems deceptively underwhelming, set to putter out at any moment. It hits full stride at the halfway mark and opens up, sweeping and vibrant, as the angelic chorus of voices likewise blossom.

This was a wonderful song that hit a reset button for me and brought me back to a peaceful place. Let it have its effect on you and be sure to listen in today.

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