Emia: “Bet You Left It Out”

April 28, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

You never choose to be the other woman. Through the callous, purposeful deceptions of people who are doubly blessed with the natural ability to charm people and the inclination towards, excuse my French, remorselessly shit behavior, we find ourselves in this age-old dance.

Some people might despair, others might even delude themselves into a position of competition for the affections of this… douche.

Emia is neither some people, nor others.

A strong, determined voice that rings with a casual frankness that spryly traipses along her upper and lower registers. Whispering here, sighing there, cooing elsewhere, and boldly intoning every which way, β€˜Bet You Left It Out’ spares pity only for the other other woman, the real victim here.

The mix was a standout here, especially at the climax. As we’re reaching the crescendo of the trash talk and beautifully sung challenges to the aforementioned douche, the layering and texture of the production is excellent.

It’s rare you get the opportunity to be ahead of the curve on β€˜F-You’ anthems, as the market often tries to bookend Valentine’s Day with them. This track will give you plenty of ammo for when, inevitably, someone tries and play around with your emotions and someone else’s trust.