Embro: “I’m In Love”

By: Jared Free
September 24, 2019

Dance until daybreak with “I’m In Love” from future house producer, Embro. Listen below, Gas Maskers!

There’s nothing more freeing than dancing your heart out like nobody’s watching to a deliciously Eurot beat. “I’m In Love” from Embro delivers that freedom in spades. The song uses pitched up, sped up vocals as its base upon which to build a feverish mix of synths. The opening lines are even sung in Spanish, making them feel a touch alienating. By turning the voice into another instrument for producers to play with, they strengthen the abandon with which the beat drops — and it is certainly incredible, chaotic, and fun. Embro leaves some space in the production after the chorus, breaking it down to just the voice again so we can revel in the singer’s desperation in love. Listen below, and tell us your thoughts on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.